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Located in the heart of the biosphere reserve on the edge of Hoi An and recognized by UNESCO, the ecological population of Casamica floating resort is the enthusiastic work of the owner of Dat Phuong Joint Stock Company, with the pride on owning the first and only "Du thuyền tại gia – sinh thái quanh nhà” (Home Marina with an Ecological Environment around) in Vietnam.

Painted by talented architect Vo Trong Nghia, Casamia, which possesses the modern design of the West still retains the soul of the essence of Hoi An architecture that creates a unique space where the classic and the contemporary are in the same heartbeat. Stylish symbols such as infinity pools, private marina were skillfully put in to take future owners into a journey of life which is full of flourish and inspiration. With enduring qualities and sustainable profitability, Casamia is a legacy that every owner is proud to hand over their next generation as a priceless gift or a permanent treasure.