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where culture meets nature

Possessing a unique position in the biosphere reserve on the waterfront of Hoi An, Casamia is privileged by the river and the nature which embrace it from all sides. It is proud to be the only coordinate in Vietnam with a very modest water level during the day to help build the home marina. With the process of honing the pearls from heaven to give out a heaven for living, Casamia opens up a new realm of harmony between nature and Vietnamese identity. 

With HOME MARINA, the dream of owning a residence with an own marina anchored in front of the door came true. Casamia hands those of owners limited tickets to step on a peak enjoyment of life which is a perfect combination between modern style and the beauty of the Central Coast.

Along with green, hidden under the coconut leaves is the system of overflow swimming pool overlooking the river. Bring peace of mind and peace to future owners.


The luxury of showing the high-end positioning and unique model of the Casamia Ecological Embossing Estate, in line with the image of the group of investors and target customers.


Populations Casamian Eco-villas have the advantage of natural conditions: near rivers and estuaries, located in the reserve conservation biosphere.


Dedication is shown by the commitment of the owner of Dat Phuong to partners, investors and customers.

Internal Utilities

Casamia Hoi An has a synced system of utilities which helps form a standard of prime living in the heart of the heritage. The club house system has a unique design from delicate European architecture combined with the traditional culture of Hoi An heritage ancient city. This is not only a place for residents of Casamia, but either an ideal place to welcome the guests all over the world arriving in Hoi An. Great experiences from the spa, gym and kids club would bring owners a relaxed and healthy lifestyle.

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